Teste of cakes

Strawberry Fruit Dream: vanilla sponge cake with whipped cream and a delicious juicy strawberry jam from our recipe

Raspberry Fruity Dream: vanilla sponge cake with whipped cream and excellent homemade raspberry jam

Zebra: vanilla sponge cake mixed with soft whipped cream and chocolate mousse

Double Chocolate: chocolate biscuit with chocolate mousse

Oreo: chocolate sponge cake topped with cream cheese with pieces of original Oreo cookies

Memory of summer: vanilla sponge with aromatic mousse from forest fruit and thin layers of chocolate cream

Strawberry in chocolate: chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse and layers of juicy strawberry jam

Lemon: vanilla sponge scented with fresh lemon peel, lemon and cream lemon curd

Black and white: a classic combination of cream and chocolate in an elegant form. Vanilla biscuits sprinkled with rum, postponed with a delicate cream and thin layers of strong chocolate ganache

Bounty: chocolate sponge cake with coconut liqueur, topped with a delicious, fluffy cream, cooked in coconut milk

Passion fruit: vanilla sponge cake, a tropical combination of delicate mango mousse and refreshing passion fruit jelly

Yogurt with Mango: vanilla sponge with light yoghurt cream and layers of refreshing and aromatic mango mousse

Toffee: fluffy vanilla sponge topped with delicate cream with added kaymak, enriched with layers of currant jam

Black forest: chocolate biscuit sprinkled with cherry, with cherries and cream

Tiramisu: vanilla sponge soaked with amaretto coffee, with cream mascarpone and cocoa layers

Banoffee: chocolate sponge cake with creamy toffee, banana and creamy stracatella cream

Tastes extra charge (extra pay 10pln/kg)

Chocolate Passion fruit: (extra pay 10pln/kg) great duo of strong flavors, sweet-bitter chocolate cream in the company of sour passion fruit jelly, and a layer of light mango mousse between intensely cocoa biscuits

Coffee: (extra pay 10pln/kg) fluffy coffee cream between vanilla biscuits soaked in amaretto coffee, with a layer of intense currant and sweet almond praline

White praline: (extra pay 10pln/kg) vanilla sponge cake, an elegant combination of raspberry mousse with layers of raspberry frużelina and white chocolate mousse with crunchy almond praline

Chocolate - orange: (extra pay 10pln/kg) chocolate sponge soaked with orange punch, topped with juicy orange cream and intense chocolate mousse, homemade orange jam

Chocolate praline: (extra pay 10pln/kg) chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream, raspberries and a layer of chocolate-nut praline mass with crispy flecks

Chocolate praline with double raspberry: (extra pay 10pln/kg) chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream, a refreshing layer of raspberry mousse, raspberry frużelina and a layer of chocolate-almond praline mass with crunchy particles

Nuts Coffee: (extra pay 10pln/kg) biscuits spiced with light cream and espresso and freshly ground coffee enriched with thin layers of chocolate-cranberry ganache

Carrot: damp and aromatic carrot cake (with or without walnuts - choice) topped with cream cheese and homemade orange jam

Flavors of muffins

Vanilla: vanilla cake with fluffy cream

CHOCOLATE: chocolate cake with cream based chocolate cream

RASPBERRY: Vanilla cake with a delicate cream and raspberry cream-based

BLACK FOREST: Cherry chocolate cake stuffed with custard cream

TOFFEE: czekoladowe ciasto nadziane czarną porzeczką z kremem kajmakowym na bazie mascarpone

TIRAMISU: Vanilla cake soaked in coffee and amaretto cream and cream kakako

SNICKERS: czekoladowe ciasto z kremem na bazie masła orzechowego i mascarpone oraz karmelem

LEMON: Vanilla cake with a delicate cream and lemon custard

OREO: Chocolate cream pie with cream cheese and crushed oreo cookies

* cherry, cranberry and lemon filling only in large muffins

** custom flavors - individual pricing